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The Swiss Family Robinson - Johann David Wyss, Scott McKowen, Arthur Pober Alright, I started this book over a month ago and I just can't find the motivation to finish it. It's not that it is a bad book, per say, just not that interesting. The story kind of lag and it is a bit dull; hardly any adventurous/exciting things happen.

The family seems to kill/hurt/capture a lot of the native animals. It makes sense if they were using them for meat, but I think they kill/hurt too many for no particular reason.

It also bothers me how the author writes about the wife/mother. Yes, this was written in the 17th/18th century, but it kind of bothers me how he portrays her. Such as when the husband goes to the shipwreck to find any usable supplies, the wife is so weak of mind that he has to convince her he'll be alright and back before nightfall. She is also bothered by any little violent thing too; she is made to have a small constitution... and I know women are stronger that what Wyss wrote her to be like.

I know the reasons why Wyss wrote this story: he was teaching his sons about how to be a good man/father, how to distinguish between certain plants/animals, and how to better their survival skills. it is probably because of these reasons and the culture way back when that the mother/wife/Elizabeth is written like she is.

I honestly don't know if I can finish it... it's really dragging, dull, and boring. Although I make it a point to always finish what I start; I don't know if I can push myself to do it with this book.

I think I'll just watch the movie instead. I know films aren't always accurate, but at least it will be more exciting (visual).