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The Illuminator - Brenda Rickman Vantrease This book gave me ideas throughout the time it took me to read this. Not only was it an interesting story that took me longer than necessary to read it, it also helped me figured out some things about myself. Not exactly deep, philosophical things but actually a rough approximate of how long it takes me to read a page...

The story was brilliant; it was like reading Philippa Gregory—in the way that they are both wonderful writers that tell stories in similar time frames and places. Both have stories set in England, although Gregory's Tutor stories are in the 1500s, while Vantrease's story is in the 1300s.

Vantrease's characters are very well developed and the backstory—that is the history of the Church and 1300s England—was well developed and intertwined into her fictional character's lives in a very believable and intriguing way. I've heard that she has written another novel which can be considered a sequel to this one or can stand on its own. I'm very interested to read it and I hope I get a change to do so in the near future.