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The Host - Stephenie Meyer In my personal opinion, I enjoyed this story way better than Meyer's previous books, the Twilight Saga. All of Meyer's books do have that ability to suck you into the story and make the book be one that is nearly impossible to put down.

The story plot was very original and very appealing to me. I just like the whole plot honestly, it had a whole sci-fi element to it that I really enjoyed reading.

Things I loved—
*Doc's real name. Eustace. Awesome! I felt a flashback to Chronicles of Narnia when I read that! :)

*Character of Wanda. She's awesome and I would have to say that she is my second favorite character (Ian being my first). Also the fact that her "final" life will be her tenth—makes me have a thought to Doctor Who Not only about the tenth life (Ten's my favorite Doctor), but also about the plot.

*Wanda/Ian. FTW. I love that! I was so hoping that it would turn out well for them in the end. It also made me cry at the part where Ian finally learned about Wanda's plan...

The only thing that could have been better was the epilogue. I felt it was slightly rushed and didn't really have a "conclusion" feeling to it. I honestly hope to have a sequel...

Another thing that would have been nice to see would have been an interaction with Mel & Wanda after Wanda's "re-birth".

Overall, excellent story. I loved it. Very much so...